$100 million boost to entrepreneurship education

Finally, an initiative specifically aimed at addressing the growing crisis among our school leavers and the pivot in the requirements of the ‘workosphere’. Gone are the days when we can safely prepare our students to ‘get a job’.  Today we must empower them to be innovators and inventors in an effort to create that venture that will be both a money earner as well as contribute to society as a whole. I welcome this idea.


Spearheaded by Dr Renee Rattray, programme manager for the Mutual Building Societies Foundation (MBSF).

FOUR thousand students will, over the next 16 months, be taught entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy.

The opportunity has been made available to them through the $100-million Centres of Excellence initiative of the Mutual Building Societies Foundation (MBSF) — a collaboration between Victoria Mutual Building Society and Jamaica National Building Society — under a programme dubbed “I am the Change”.


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