Management in Schools

School Management
I have always been concerned about the management qualification of the head honchos of our schools. Of course, most principals can produce documentary evidence to attest to their educational qualifications. The question is though, how many are trained managers and administrators? How adequate are their human resources management and operations management skills? Just a few areas of competence every school management professional should possess. I was therefore impressed by the utterances and efforts of the Minister of Education based on the following article.

“What happens usually in most schools is that a person is a very good teacher, they have no management training whatsoever; but, they just have some natural skill. So, they get appointed vice-principal and when a job gets advertised for a principal and they apply, they get the job. And, what happens is that they have had no training to run an organisation that is as big as the companies that are listed on the stock exchange,” the insurance executive outlined.


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